Connect your omni-channel solutions with Unified Commerce

Take your business to the next level by connecting your online and offline payments via a single platform.

What is Unified Commerce?

Whether you are accepting payments in person, remotely, or through an e-commerce platform, all your payment data feeds into the same system with Unified Commerce.Choosing an all-in-one solution like Uptake, lets you convert every sale, reach more customers and deliver a checkout experience that’s better for everyone.

Costs go

Add new sales channels without forking out for card readers, contracts and hidden fees

go up

Use actionable insights to track transactions and make better business decisions.

Better customer experience

Give your customers what they want with cross-channel experiences.

So many ways to take a sale

Offer the flexibility of purchasing across multiple channels with Unified Commerce. Track each transaction to gain greater control and understanding of your customers, so you can make even better business decisions that drive growth.

Order online, deliver to your door
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Self scan and pay
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Pay with a QR code
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Order online, collect in person
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Instant control

Take control of your business by integrating your payments into one system.

With unified commerce, you can manage all business critical flows with a single connection, easily introduce new sales channels, benefit from actionable insights and provide a seamless customer experience across all channels. It’s the perfect solution to reduce complexity and increase scalability.

All your data in the same place

Become a truly Unified Commerce business with all your data feeding into the same system.

Simply connect to the merchant dashboard to capture valuable cross-channel insights and track data across all your payment channels.

Case study

How a Street Food Vendor Boosted Revenue by 10% with Uptake


Long waiting times and queues with customers. Needed alternative sales channels to take payments safely during the pandemic.


With QR code payment, customers can order and pay via Phoreal’s online shop, so spend less time waiting in the queue. With Payment links, Tom can accept large online orders at a distance and can track insights easily using the Dashboard. Taking orders online and safely has become 10 times easier, and the entire process is more efficient for both the customer and Phoreal.


QR Codes, Shop, Payment Links, Dashboard

Phoreal is a Vietnamese street food vendor that uses Uptake to take payments and orders online. They’re currently ranking as the number one place to go eat in Kingston Borough, with a Certificate of Excellence in 2017 and 5 stars rating on Google.

Why Uptake

At Uptake, we are committed to being more than just a payments platform. We strive to support our partners as they take their business to the next level. Our hardwareless solutions allow businesses to take payments through multiple touchpoints with ease - whether it’s on-the-go, in-person, remote or online - and our analytics deliver insights to gain greater control and understanding of customer behaviour. With our payment experts on hand, we provide the highest level of customer service to help businesses grow.

25+ Payment methods

Integrate multiple payment methods to give customers the flexibility they love at the checkout.

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Local currencies

Allow customers to pay in their preferred currency around the world.

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Data & Insights

Track data and valuable insights across channels to make informed decisions that will help your business grow.

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Ready to get started with Unified Commerce?

Make the latest advances in payments technology work for your business.

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