The future of contactless payments

Meet the QR Code, the clever way to accept touch-free payments anytime, anywhere. All your customer needs to do is scan the QR Code to pay.

No hardware

Generate QR codes using your smartphone to take contactless in-person payments.

Simple checkout

Your customer don’t need an account or app to pay.

100% secure

With encrypted transactions, you will never have to share your bank details.

What is QR code technology?

Short for ‘Quick Response Code’, a QR codes is a type of barcode.They are scanned by smartphones through the camera app, and once detected, customers can pay using the payment method of their choice. This creates a quick, touch-free checkout experience.

How does it work?

With our cutting-edge technology, you can take payments from your customers using just your smartphone. All you need is the Uptake app.


Open the Uptake app on your smartphone and enter the transaction amount.


Once the QR code is generated, ask your customer to scan it with their phone camera.


The customer will be taken to a separate payment page to pay by their preferred payment method.


You will be directed to a confirmation page when the payment is successful.

QR codes to fit however you do business

On-the-go payments

From construction to taxi drivers, turn your phone into a card reader so you can take touch-free payments, wherever the job location.

Print to display

Print your QR code on to signs, leaflets, menus, screens, hotel rooms, shop tills or any other marketing material.

In-person payments

Perfect for hospitality or street vendors, customers can scan and pay through an online ordering ordering system to shorten wait times.

Why Uptake

At Uptake, we are are committed to being more than just a payments platform. We strive to support our partners as they take their business to the next level. Our hardwareless solutions allow businesses to take payments through multiple touchpoints with ease - whether it’s on-the-go, in-person, remote or online - and our analytics deliver insights to gain greater control and understanding of customer behaviour. With our payment experts on hand, we provide the highest level of customer service to help businesses grow.

25+ Payment methods

Integrate multiple payment methods to give customers the flexibility they love at the checkout.

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Local currencies

Allow customers to pay in their preferred currency around the world.

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Data & Insights

Track data and valuable insights across channels to make informed decisions that will help your business grow.

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Make the latest advances in payments technology work for your business.

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